Maximize event revenue with DTG's 100% battery powered mobile beverage coolers

Introducing the dtg cooler powerstation

The first of its kind - 100% battery powered mobile beverage cooler

  • Increase sales - Generate incremental revenue beyond your current fixed beverage stands

  • Shorten lines - More venue POS kiosks create shorter lines and happier customers

  • Deploy anywhere - Mobilize to high traffic areas to increase sales opportunities

Deploy Anywhere With Ease

Safe and easy power assisted navigation

  • Effortless mobility - Powered by a durable motorized caster system, the Cooler Powerstation is easy to drive and deploy anywhere, even at full capacity

  • Automatic braking - The reliable choice for crowded and dynamic environments, automatic braking gives operators full control and enhances safety outcomes

  • Recharge anywhere - Recharging your mobile beverage cart is effortless - just plug into a standard power outlet

Designed with Sustainability in Mind

Powered by clean battery technology

  • LFP battery chemistry - Our high-performance battery systems lead the industry in safety, reliability, and sustainability

  • Say goodbye to ice - Mobile beverage carts eliminate the need for ice, helping sports venues save on energy, time, transportation, and labor costs

"These DTG powerstations are going to allow us to maximize our footprint, as well as maximizing our revenue... They will save us a lot of money in ice and labor. The labor to haul ice around as well as the cost of ice is very substantial, and we don’t have to worry about that with these powerstations"

- Jason Depaepe
University of Colorado at Boulder, Deputy Athletic Director

DTG designs and develops innovative mobile battery powered products. We serve some of the worlds largest companies across multiple industries including warehouse logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality.